We invite you to participate in the Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF) Seed Grant program. This program provides financial support to talented individuals from Ukraine and Moldova who are admitted to one of the top 50 MBA programs in the U.S. and are committed to returning home and investing their skills in their country of origin.

We believe that human capital is the foundation for democracy and economic prosperity in Ukraine and Moldova. The region’s transformation to liberal democracy and market economy requires well-trained leaders who will unleash new vision, new ideas, new energies and new approaches to the many challenges faced by society daily. Government, business and civil society all benefit from the growing number of well-educated professionals experienced living in other communities, developed a broad worldview and are dedicated to investing their talents, dreams, and energy into transforming Ukraine and Moldova.


Our mission is to facilitate the process of democratic development and economic modernization in Ukraine and Moldova by providing an opportunity for talented individuals from these countries to obtain advanced knowledge, abilities, and leadership skills through studies at the best educational institutions in the United States.


Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF) is a pioneering regional private equity fund in Ukraine and Moldova. WNISEF successfully invested in small and medium-sized companies in the region for two decades.

In early 2014, WNISEF completed its commercial investment activities and directed available funds toward promoting policies and practices which support private sector development. WNISEF’s focus areas include economic leadership, local economic development, impact (social) investments and export promotion. SEED GRANT is financed and administered by Western NIS Enterprise Fund. More about the Fund: WNISEF